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Visa information

While many countries will not require you to have a Visa for your visit be sure to ask us about entry requirements and any fees associated with entry into the country you plan to visit whether for work or tourist purposes prior to purchasing your airline tickets. Remember: the requirements for business travel will most likely be different from the requirements of vacation or tourist traveling. Also remember: Some countries may require information (and proof) about where you plan to stay during your visit so be prepared to show documentation proving your arrangements.

Many countries do not require a visa in addition to your passport for entry but it’s always a good idea to find out if you’ll be asked for one before attempting to enter any nation you are visiting for the first time just to be on the safe side. We know what you will need in order to visit any country you wish to travel to and we’ll make the process easy and simple for you, just be sure to fill out our Visa request form to get the proper information for your trip.The nature or reason for your visit will determine the type of Visa you will need to apply for when planning to visit any country that requires one.


Tourist and Vacation Traveling

(China for an example)

Valid and signed passport. Your passport must have a minimum of 6 months validity until expiration date.
For 1 year visa request, passport must have a minimum of 18 months validity until expiration date.

If you are staying in a hotel(s) provide copies of confirmed hotel confirmations. Multiple hotels will require multiple confirmations covering your entire stay in China.
Or a letter of invitation from a Chinese tour operator.

Common Visa’s are:

  • L (tourist)
  • M (business)
  • F (non commerce such as: lecturing, research, scientific and cultural exchange etc.)
  • Z (work Visa)
  • X1 & X2 (student Visa)